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letterhead new uk phone noAbout Wholeistic Wellbeing: I am committed to becoming a more conscious individual and to support others who are also travelling that path. I believe in the value of living as community and the transition town movement which hosts/creates many groups which support this ideal. Between 2002 – 2013 I lived in communities including Findhorn, Scotland.
I offer clients ways to connect to their magnificence using my toolbox of trained and developed skills, which include using yoga, food, detox, massage, energy work, ‘The Journey’ cellular healing. Creativity we take the journey towards whole body wellbeing by the hand at a pace which suits you – coaching, sharing and joyfully being present in the now. I work with individuals and groups around the globe.
Sheila Gibbons, Wholeistic Wellbeing

Wholeistic Wellbeing events include:
Raw food playshops offered periodically see listings on our website
Massage, cellular healing, ‘The Journey’, yoga, juice fasting and detox by appointment
Vegetarian and vegan food preparation and guidance by appointment

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