TTK’s Business Action Group (BAG) aims to help and support local businesses to go green or greener. This might entail helping them to get advice on “greening” or sourcing environmentally sound products or on energy-efficiency…; it also includes publicising businesses’ efforts towards environmental sustainability and encouraging them to share good practice with each other and with consumers. We take opportunities to speak to local business-people and business-focussed groups such as Kingstonfirst and Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

feature-4Our main on-going project is the Kingston Green e-Directory, intended to help local businesses, community enterprises and consumers who share our environmental values find each other. Please go to the e-Directory to find local green businesses and to send us suggestions of more inclusions and green consumer comments via the “Contact Us” form. The Directory also keeps a list of Green Business Ideas – ideas from elsewhere for budding green entrepreneurs who’d like to fill a green gap in Kingston.

There are overlaps with other TTK groups, for example the Energy Group, and we work with them when relevant.

If you would like to propose and/or lead on a business/economy focused project, or you would like us to come and speak to your business about environmental sustainability, please contact us.

BAG’s past activities have included:

  • Hosting a “Greening Business” panel discussion in November 2009.  It was clear from the discussion that there are worthwhile business benefits to going green, for example, in the lower outgoings associated with energy-saving and waste-reduction, or in increased goodwill from green consumers.
  • Building up a list of green businesses and inviting them to events such as our Big Launch Party in April 2010.
  • Working with Kingston Environment Forum to produce the Kingston Green Pledge for local organisations.
  • Running a Great Green Business Ideas competition in 2009 – though unfortunately there weren’t enough local entries to justify announcing a winner. The competition is over, but we would still like to hear about Great Green Business Ideas and we save ideas for budding green entrepreneurs here.
  • Attending Kingston Environment Forum meetings, and networking with Kingston businesses; for example some of us attended a Green Business evening hosted by the Co-operative Bank and Green Business events at Kingston Environment Centre, and we attend Kingstonfirst’s monthly stakeholders’ meetings.
  • Helping the plastic-bag-free Kingston campaign in various ways – see