Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

If you’ve got questions about what TTK stands for, how we run, what it means to be a member or how a like-minded group can become a Friend of TTK, you’ll find the answer here. If you’re still a bit puzzled, do drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help you out.

We support the Permaculture ethics of: Earthcare: Enabling all life systems to continue and flourish. Peoplecare: Enabling access to the resources people need for a good quality of life. Fairshare: Voluntary limits to population and consumption, to share resources for Earthcare and Peoplecare. We are non party political and non- sectarian.

These are the principles that guide the way TTK works. These continue to develop and evolve: We work together because we know that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We work in a collaborative way because we get better results for less effort. We don't need permission to act. There is no hierarchy. Leadership for TTK is shared by everyone. In representing TTK, individuals agree to abide by and uphold all TTK principles and take responsibility for their own decisions, actions and results. We trust that those who step forward have good intentions and will make good decisions. We give autonomy and support to those who wish to be part of TTK. - We are open to working with everyone. We welcome diversity and see it as a strength. We avoid categories of "them and us". - We acknowledge other initiatives and seek to find ways to collaborate and further the aims of TTK. - Individually and as a group we identify what needs to be done and people volunteer for tasks when they already have the skills or want to develop the skills. We help and support each others' learning. - We don't have a blueprint. We believe in multiple paths, ideas and possibilities. We think questions are as important as answers. It's fine to make mistakes and learn from them. - We work with a natural momentum, driven by our passion and positive approach. - We are transparent in everything we do. Structure: - TTK Groups form as needed to do what needs to be done: make decisions, take action; they dissolve when the need is gone. - Each Group is responsible for raising and acquiring its own money and resources � and for using these wisely. - Groups exist to deliver the aims of TTK in a positive and concrete way. - Each group has a representative on the TTK Steering Group. - Everyone is responsible for ensuring the free flow of information and knowledge around the TTK network and also the wider TT network. - We always consider the effects of our actions on our public reputation.

Members are any member of the community who get involved with TTK. You could have signed up to our newsletter, come to an event or donated. Membership is free and open access. Friends are like-minded organisations who want to partner with TTK in order to mutually support the sustainable development of the borough. You can become a Friend by contacting us via email and explaining what it is your organisation does and how we can work together. We will then discuss your application and get back to you. The cost of becoming a Friend is £15 p.a. and will give you a dedicated page on our website as well as marketing for your events on our website and in our newsletter. This sum will enable us to cover our administrative costs. You can find out more here.

Projects for which funding is sought need to be agreed with the Steering Group. - The project must support the aims of TTK, be in line with the TTK principles and be designed to deliver on key objectives. - The individuals who raise funding will hold the budget for the project and account for it publicly. - The individuals who developed the project are responsible for monitoring the project, its process and outcomes. - If anyone in TTK does not agree that a project is in line with TTK aims and principles then that person can take the matter to the Steering Group and TTK Yahoo Forum for discussion.