Are you keen to learn more about the consumption of your appliances? Do you like to share good ideas among your friends? You can apply for receiving free energy monitors (and smart plugs) from the project DecarboNet.

You will be able to check online the consumption for the whole house, or for individual devices, activate/deactivate a plug remotely, and compare your consumption with others.

To participate, you must:
1 Be older than 18
2 Live in Europe
3 Have Internet at home (with a hub – you’ll need to plug a network cable)

And what we expect from you is that you become more aware of how much energy is used around your house, and you learn from/share your experiences with others.

To apply, please fill in this form: 9YNtFJJxmP

About DecarboNet
DecarboNet is an European project aimed at finding carbon reduction strategies. We are investigating how social media can help in this battle against climate change.

TTK Editor